Shipping is based on distance and the number of boxes you request. Prices will be specified in the quote for your particular request.

To get started and sell, you need to create an account with Zettle By PayPal and you can do that by following this link.

The agreement signed when renting a property contains more detailed information about who is responsible in such an event. But in short, the customer in question is responsible for keeping the cash registers intact during the entire rental period, from drop-off to pick-up.

This depends entirely on whether it is the system that is malfunctioning or whether it is the hardware that is non-functional or broken. If it is the system, Zettle By PayPal is responsible and below you will find the number for their support. If it's the hardware, please contact us and our number can be found here on the website.

Zettle By PayPal support: 010-123 45 67

During the summer months, we are at our busiest and normally have the most boxes rented and appreciate good anticipation. During the winter months it is not as busy and therefore easier to be flexible.